A Mom's Dream for a Safer, Simpler Clean

     When my daughter was born, every diaper, wipe, and cream we tried left her screaming all night with a red and irritated bum. We discovered cloth diapers and that made all the difference; however, washing them required a lot of 'laundry science' to learn how to effectively get all the funk and gunk out. We used a well-known brand of powdered laundry detergent that worked great, but after reading the ingredients I was appalled! Fragrances, heavy metals, optic brighteners, vague formulations, and a lot of toxic chemicals - like those that cause cancer or deadly to aquatic life- riddled the list. I needed a detergent for my family that cleaned just as well as those big brands but with all the bad stuff 'stripped' out.
     I got straight to work making my own gentler version of theirs using the laundry knowledge I gained from my experience as a cloth diapering parent. After a couple rounds of trial and error, alas, Stripped Down Laundry was made! 
     My company values ingredient transparency, sourcing ingredients locally to reduce our carbon footprint, supporting other small businesses, and using materials that are compatible with sensitive skin. If you have any questions or comments, contact me!