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Stripped Down Laundry

Power Powder - Eco-friendly, gentle, and powerful laundry detergent

Power Powder - Eco-friendly, gentle, and powerful laundry detergent

Our Eco-friendly Power Powder Detergent is designed for sensitive skin and cloth diapers, but it's a great choice for anyone! Our unique fragrance-free formula uses vegan plant & fungi-derived enzymes and a mild coconut-derived surfactant to gently and effectively wash the daily grime away.

Each paper package contains 64 small loads or 32 large loads.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium borate, sodium percarbonate, enzymes, sodium coco sulfate. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Katie T
Great product!

I love that this company did the research and has the science to back their products. I've been using this detergent consistently for about 3 months and it works great! A little goes a long way, and I think you can get better value with this product than big brands.

Amazing Clean

My husband is very sensitive to perfumes so I'm always looking for fragrance free options. It only takes a couple tablespoons so it really will last you up to 64 loads. This detergent is so simple its scary and it rocks like the leading brand! My clothes come out smelling clean and feel great. The stain bar works great too. It removed a couple stains I usually have to shout out a few times. Highly recommend!

Alicia Waterman
Works great!

Even when I forget my stain fighter my clothes get cleaner than with grocery store detergent. Works great!

Lori Waterman
Great products

The laundry detergent works great. No need for separate oxi or enzymes because they are in there. Takes stinky odors out. Takes out stains and you use a little bit. The scent booster smells wonderful. You only use a few sprinkles.